Tipp: neue Version eLicenser !

Mit dieser aktuellen neuen vielfach verbesserten Version des eLicensers startet Cubase viel schneller. :bulb:

eLicenser Update:
Release notes from Windows & MAC.
Replaced the technology to communicate between protected applications and eLicenser
Make communication with USB devices more resilient
Implement on-demand logging that can be enabled via GUI

Hier geht´s zum Download:

*Most issues with Soft-eLicensers or USB-eLicensers, activation codes and licenses can easily be solved by installing the latest eLicenser Control Center.

Ausprobiert, es stimmt.

How sad that they still haven’t fixed the cutoff buttons…
Download License Button.png

Ich habe keine Probleme mit der Darstellung.
I have no problem with the GUI.

Wow, I’m impressed :astonished:

  • before ( about 15 sec ('till Hub appears)
    => after Update ( only 9 sec ('till Hub appears)

And no problems with the GUI (Windows 10)

best regards,