Tips for Amplitube users! How to solve CPU hog in A5 and "recording dropout detected"

The first tip applies when you have both older (Amplitube 4 in my case) and Amplitube 5 installed.
I got the “recording dropout detected” message on a regular basis.
Very annoying, and that’s an understatement.
It took me months to find what caused it.
Uninstall custom shop and IK authorization manager, or product manager
in C:\Program Files (x86)\IK Multimedia
use each “unins000.exe” in the corresponding folders.
Do NOT use the windows control panel to do this!
There is an authorization conflict with the newer version, which is installed by Amplitube 5
This one lives in C:\Program Files\IK Multimedia
Don’t touch that one.

The second tip applies to Amplitube 5:
It’s a cpu hog, twice the load.
It’s a known bug, no solution from IKM
toggle from dual instance to single instance in every loaded plugin