Tips for newbies

A fellow newbie here, remember, before you throw your computer out the window because Cubase is doing some weird/unexplained stuff, first step is close/restart software and computer. So many weird anomalies have been rectified by this simple step, so try this first before wasting hours trying to explain what cannot be explained. Just some food for thought.

Literally did this 10 minutes ago: Groove Agent stopped recording…my first thought is that I’m doing something wrong, so I go into troubleshooting mode. 20 minutes later, creativity having evaporated, I decide “it’s not me, it’s you”…

Cubase glitching, hanging and rebooting is Standard Operating Procedure (SOP). It’s the nature of the software… The engineers obviously cant get a grip on this… get used to it! It even happens all the time to Greg Ondo on his live streams all the time. I feel bad for him because I love his live streams and tutorials.

What bullshit!

Cubase Runs here for days without hanging or need to reboot.

I think you are trolls or paid by the competition.

Delete THread, mods - thank you.

Wow, no, no trolls, I love Cubase, just observations to help out people new to Cubase, a smooth running Cubase may be your experience, but it’s definitely not mine, however I still think it’s awesome. Just helping out any new folk that might be experiencing the same.

You really think that “be patient, glitches are normal and you have to reset/reboot” is a useful serious piece of advice for newbies?

You are kidding, aren’t you?

My “troll” statement was mainly directed towards ByronK and the “SOP” statement.

If someone intends to help newbies, this would mean to help to drill down what actually happens and causes problems and THEN trying to help.

BR, Ernst

I’m a “Newbies!” Running Artist 10.5 on a top end Laptop, In the year or so that I have been using it, It has never glitched, slowed or even reset itself, I don’t think this is a Cubase problem, More likely a Windows/iOS problem, Either drivers need up dating including windows and mobo drivers or maybe stop using a hacked copy of Windows/iOS (I’m not saying you are using a hacked OS system but people do use them)
I know people that use Hacked Windows and then complain when thing hang or they get the “Blue screen of death”
I used to use a hacked copy of windows XP back back in the day so I know a little about hanging, resets, etc.
Just my tuppence worth.
Regards Dave.

You may be right about the operating system there Domax, I work away a month at a time, often at my work location I don’t have reliable internet connection so that any updates have to wait until I return somewhere with a decent internet connection, when I do return home, it takes some time to get everything up to date. However when I am away, and it gets a bit glitchy, I find a restart of laptop and software, rectifies glitchiness for some time. When I have decent internet connection at home, you’re correct I get very few hangups. So first port of call, before troubleshooting, is save and restart. Like I said in the original, just something for the new people finding similar.