Tips for Steinberg

That said I really like the update and see the potential but this release feels like it’s a little too early and I hope there’s some updates sooner than later. The funny thing is it is fairly solid on my system and I can feel it’s wants to be rock solid but these glitches that keep popping up. I say this in the interest of making it better not to scold you because imo I like Steinberg as a company much better than the old and I think Cubase is a great product.

Sluggish GUI
Click and pop when saved it while it was running
One time the cpu jumped up stayed there and froze the project
Mixer reorganizes itself
Loudness meter freezes
The insert labels on the mixer are funky. I’m not a gui designer but they’re hard to read and seem like they need to be tweaked.

Agreed. Really lots of good stuff in there. Just feels early, im using it mainly as a test now so i can report bugs etc. Cubase 6.5 has a place in my heart already :wink:

Agreed. Excited by the features, but waaaay too messy at the moment.

I have to say, my main issue with the update is the popups everywhere, like its telling me where my mouse is, i know where it is, dont need a border to tell me… :confused: But I also dont like windows for the same reasons, to much clutter

C7.0 behaves like beta , but C6.0 was pretty bad too. Gonna have to wait for something cleaner to see how it really works.

Back to 6.5 for now.

Agreed that Steinberg has some work to do, based on what I’m seeing in the forum. I’m sure many people are getting along fine, but there are enough issues presented so far to make me pause until a patch comes out. The features look great, and I love the direction… but I think I have to wait a bit.

Dont’ get me wrong, I really like the “new” Steinberg (as opposed to the “old” Steinberg of SX3 -> 4 era), and I want them to succeed. But from what I’m reading, this 7.0 release looks a little premature. I did order the boxed version of C7 update already, but I think I’ll hold off installing it until at least the first maintenance patch. Not thrilled with known issues list, the other growing pains I’ve seen in the forum such as install/content issues, and also CC121 issue (which I use daily). I also need to find out if my iLok v1 plugins have issues with this update, etc… so I’d be foolish to update too soon.

I will admit that I’m a little bummed, though, since I was planning on upgrading day 1. I just can’t afford to spend too much time getting a working system again, so I’m on hold until you brave folks get the initial issues sorted. C6.5 has been rock solid for me, and I think I better stick with it for another couple of months.

I hear you I’m not worried I have 6.5 if need be and it won’t stop me from getting any work done. I’ve saved projects back and forth between the two versions and it works great so far. I’m confident they’ll work it out I just don’t want to have wait and wait

I understand where you’re coming from. The new features look fantastic… I think they’ll be a huge benefit to me, personally. So I’m on board with C7. Just not right now. :slight_smile: I appreciate those of you forging ahead for the rest of us! :smiley:

C7.0 behaves like beta , but C6.0 was pretty bad too. Gonna have to wait for something cleaner to see how it really works


C6 was one of the better first releases (in my opinion).

From what is being written this seems a bit more like SX3 to C4? But as Uarte said above, todays Steinberg has a better approach now than that period in History.

Just because you install it doesn’t mean you have to depend on it working. Since you can run both versions, keep working using C6.5 and just play around with C7 to see what works or doesn’t for you and get up to speed on the new features. You can install C7 now and still keep using C6.5 for “another couple of months” or until you feel comfortable transitioning. It’s not an either/or situation.

I agree that C6 was one of the better first releases… actually gave me a huge dose of confidence in Steinberg again. C5 was good, but C6 turned out to be excellent. C7 release seems a bit shaky.

I definitely wouldn’t go so far to say C7 is on the level of the SX3 to C4 fiasco. That goes down in history as one of the crappiest DAW upgrades ever. I was so pissed off at Steinberg for what they did and how they handled it, I switched to Sonar for a while!

This situation is quite different… first, C7 appears to be a better release than C4, and they have finally (thankfully) learned to listen better to their customers (overall). Not to mention a far superior forum response, customer service and general PR and QC experience than SX3 -> C4.

This C7 situation just appears to be an early release… seems like they could have used another couple of months of refinements and testing. But nothing truly egregious seems to have happened like before, and the core of what they are trying to do looks really great. Hats off to them, but they jumped the gun a bit IMO.

Good point. I could install them side-by-side. However, I was hoping for a little more than that, considering the solid experience I had when C6 came out. I was very quickly able to migrate entirely to C6, whereas in this situation, it looks like it will take more time for them to polish the new banner features.

I also just don’t have as much free time to “play around” any more since this is crucial to my living… I have to be a lot more efficient now, and things need to just “work.” I’ve wasted a lot of time in the past over things like this, and I’m bypassing the growing pains and letting other people deal with it this time. :slight_smile:

But let’s be clear, I did already order the boxed C7 update, so I’m still planning on making the move and I’m still enthusiastic about the platform in general. Just not willing to troubleshoot this time.

Congrats to Steinberg on their ambition and general direction they are taking Cubase… but I do hope this premature release does not become standard practice. They earned my trust with C5 and C6… clearly the management has improved at Steinberg. I hope this is a small blip on an otherwise excellent record in recent years.

Are you confirming that C6.5 will read songs created by C7, I would be really surprised if C6.5 could open a C7 file and understand how to set the mixer up.

I think a lot of companies would kill for such customer loyalty. That way you can release a product that isn’t on par (yet), knowing your customers will buy it anyway.
Apparently Steinberg gained a lot of trust among their users they’ll iron out all the flaws. That alone is worth a compliment.

My question though, what effect will this loyalty have on the quality of future releases?

Actually if you ordered and upgrade you will have them installed side by side, that’s the way it works. So you can get in early and play but still be safe when you absolutely need to by using per 7 version.

I used last night for over 6 hours in session and had no real issues that stopped me from doing anything but there were undoubtedly bugs. Would I trade a slightly less buggy version for another few months wait? Not sure.

There are a lot of things in this release that are really great although I am not one who feels the mix console is one of them. I guess I should say yet since its so early.

Yes. I saved some C6 projects in C7 opened them in C6 saved them and opened then in C7 again. No Warning or funkiness

Absolutely I remember 4.0 being completely unusable not even close to C7 and Steinbergs attitude at the time didn’t help matters either. Talk about shaking the hornets nest :laughing:

Good to hear. But what happens if you try to open a project in C6 that has a C7 exclusive feature like a chord track?

Good point. I haven’t used the chord track. it didn’t lose the links I saved in the mixer which I thought it might

anyone tried or noticed a delay in automating built in EQ.

tried to automate the LC on the channel strip with a return to zero ( No LC ) and theres a distinct latency…

i am doin this on the master bus, but shouldnt see that as an issue…

any thoughts or advice to reducing the latency / response ???