Tips for trackpad workflow?

What are some tips to improve workflow in Dorico when not using a mouse? Often when I am on the go with my laptop there is no space to use a mouse.

Dorico is pretty much optimised for non-mouse use. There are keystrokes for most of what you need.

Is there any documentation on this? Searching “trackpad” (or “track pad”) doesn’t give me anything.

Janus was saying how Dorico was optimized for keystrokes, which would not be covered in a trackpad blurb anyway.

A trackpad is a surrogate mouse (surely?). You would use it the same as you use a mouse in the wild…

A trackpad offers more options than a mouse by using various gestures. I use Better Touch Tool. An example in Dorico is I have a 4-finger tap do a “Deselect All”.



The main thing you need to do with a mouse or trackpad is select stuff. As said above, once it’s selected, then you’re mainly using keyboard commands.

You can Click once, then Command Click to select something else as well or Shift click to select a range.

Another useful tip is: Click on something (like a note in Down Stem Voice 1), then click on another of the same thing (another down-stem note). Then press Shift Command A (Select More), and Dorico will select all the notes in that voice in between.

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