Tips on how to setup parallel compression

I’m using a group track and using each send from the tracks I want to go to the group that has the compressor on it. Any other ways you would go about doing it?

Aloha L,

If I were doing a horn section or a bunch of toms, or a vox choir
your method works great.

But personally (in Cubase) I would dup my audio tracks and sent one set
to a ‘clean’ group and then send the other set to a processed group
(in your case one with a comp on it) so I could ‘blend in’ the effect.

I say (in Cubase) because In other DAWs there are other ways to accomplish this task.
Good Luck!

Try this:

Or this!

thats a cool technique. a producer for coldplay did this on chris martins vocals. very cool but probably not great on drums.