Tips on setting channel defaults

Hey gang,

I’d like to speed up my workflow a little bit and have been wondering about an elegant solution to either of the following (both aiming at essentially at the same thing, just different approaches to the same problem):

a) Is there a way to save a default channel preset that is called up every time I create a new track? Eg. have my favorite EQ with my favorite blank preset loaded on slot 1, slot 2 fave compressor and so forth with quick controls already mapped out for me as I like?

b) If the answer to a) is negative then I’m wondering if there is some Macro trickery that would allow me to ‘create new track from track preset _name xxx’ in one press of a button? I’d just create a blank preset I like and call that up each time I need a new track. [the way it is now takes just a few clicks too much to be really fast, ie create new track from track preset then scroll through library of presets to find the right one - I’d like to eliminate all the clicks cause I know which preset i’ll be using]

I’ve searched for an answer to this but have yet come up with a useful answer.

Thanks in advance.

Hi, I am not Aware that something like a “Default track preset” exists. (But I may be missing something).

Maybe a Workaround for you could be to create a handful of tracks and save them to your Project template. You could hide the “superfluous” tracks until you really Need them.

Cheers, Ernst

hey man :slight_smile: i don’t reckon there’s a single-button solution, but what i do is i will name my presets so they come up as first when creating a new track. ie. when you create an audio track (which in itself can be bound to a keycommand), and you are using the ‘browse presets’, then if say you name all your presets starting with a '!" character, they will end up being at the top.

Thanks Lukas - does the trick well enough! :]