Tips on Upgrading from C7.5 to CP8?

I would guess the content of the Cubase Pro 8 and Cubase 7.5 is similar to a large degree (Halion Sonic SE, etc.).

Does the CP8 installation somehow “know” it doesn’t have to duplicate things like that? Or will I have a lot of space taken up in my drive with duplicated information?

Also … is it important to know where each and every one of the the C7.5 is installed to make the CP8 installation work well? Or doesn’t it care?

Or is all this already presented somewhere by Steinberg or someone else and I haven’t found it yet?


If you use the update installer (3.8 Gb) it will not duplicate content already available and should find your previous installs fine.

Full installer is 9.1Gb and is available in MySteinberg downloads if you wanted to install from scratch.

Ok, thanks Grim, I will look out for an update installer option early in the process.

  • Take your time, don’t expect to know all on the first day, it takes a while to get used to the new UI again…
  • Read the updated manual, a lot of questions in this forum can be answered through there… I put the pdf on my smartphone to read while commuting from work…
  • Watch all the updated videos, I wanted to skip the get started and advanced vids, until I noticed that some ‘old’ elements had been updated too (still need to check the Trackversions 2 bit myself…)
  • If possible, keep 7.5 still on your system in case some release bugs hinder your production flow