Tips Tuesday

Loving the Videos from JB. Essential. Very much enjoy AH’s Youtube too. Any chance of bringing back Tips Tuesday. I think that people would like that. I personally find it a go to if there’s a problem (along with the card and popover sheet etc etc.). It’s dead simple and easy to filter through. There was an absolute Gem written ages ago by DS concerning Evensong layout and multiple flows. Would love to see that one on a video (can’t seem to find it). Just a note to say thanks. I can see the whole world and their mums seem to watch the videos and tutorials etc but you don’t always get much response. (They’re probably all too busy composing).

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Is this what you were looking for?

I’d like to see a tip on how to reset play options to default. Sometimes, for reason I’ve not figured out, I can’t hear anything. Usually it’s because I’ve switched from my laptop to desktop (I think??!).

Yes. Thank you Brill

Glad to hear you enjoyed the #TipsTuesday videos. I shall certainly consider bringing them back!


Tips Tuesday might work well as those short Tic-Toc style vertical videos you see all over YouTube, Facebook, etc. (I’ve not used Tic-Toc!) Then again, maybe not…