Tired of looking.. can you help?

I’m going to make this very simple, I need an arpeggiator vst effect plugin. Let me make some things clear…

-I need an arpeggiator that I can load like an effect on a instrument/sample…(Reverb, delay, ect)
-Not a “Midi in/out” arp, where I have to route things.
-1/8 1/8t 1/16…settings would be useful…
-32 bit plugin would be useful

Much Appriciated…

Doesn’t exist, sorry. Maybe Logic or Cakewalk has one?

I have no idea what you’re trying to do? Where do you want to insert the arp if it’s not on a midi insert?

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I’m going to make this very simple too .

Try a fresh look at the top panel of your MPK 61 next time you are in the lab , Bro .

I know about the note repeat, but can you assign individual pads to the specific time signature? For example, 1 pad loaded with a hi hat on 1/16, the next pad loaded to 1/32, and the other to 1/64… So when recording live, you go through these different pads at those specific time signatures…

I’m lookin for a arpeggiationn effect that can load as an effect like a reverb, delay, ect. Athat can take incoming audio, and process it so it sounds like an arpeggeio

Thanks for the replies… I work with cubase 6.5… and maschine, I know Ableton can do this, which I will be buying for my second daw, but Cubase is my main daw I work in… I essentially need a ‘note repeat’ ‘roll’ that can be set to a pad either on maschine, or Groove Agent One in Cubase. But the trick is, I need to able to assign each pad to a diff time signature to my desire. For example, 1 pad to 1/16ths, the other to repeat/roll to 1/32th, the other to 1/64ths and so on… So i can record a hi hat at one time signature, and switch to another time signature, 1/32th on a dime… In the maschine and groove agent one, it is possible to assign an effect to an individual pad like reverb, delay, and so on. Unfortunately their are only certain effects that you can assign to a sample in the maschine and cubase… delays, reverbs, ect… In theory, I’m looking for a arp effect that can be used on different channels/pads, with different time sigs, assigned to each pad prepossessing the effect.


Hmm, using an arp like that would rely on you hitting the pad at JUST the right time. If you’re slightly early or late, the arp will repeat just the first/last half of the sample. I’ve not heard of an audio signal arp, but if there’s one, it’s most likely listed here: www.kvraudio.com.

I’d still vote for finding a way to use a midi arp though. Can’t you for instance insert a bunch of midi arps on the midi track, each one with a different pattern, each one bypassed and use the pads to temporarily enable them, and bypass when released?

I don’t know if u can do it like that. I tried it by loading goa and setting up sePerate midi tracks to each pad where I csan load an effect to that individual pad. Unfortunatly, the apache cannot be loaded as an effect to the midi track.

What you are trying to do, I guess, is to post process audio to add arp type effect. Because if you just wanted to add an arp to incoming MIDI data then a MIDI plugin is the right thing to use.

If I’m right, then You need to start thinking outside the box.

Think about combining delay and pitch shift in a way that some of the Eventide effects boxes do.

You are looking at bussing the signal to tempo sync’d delays which in turn bus to pitch shifters set at the intervals you want. you can get quite creative with stuff like that particularly with feedback and multi-tap delays providing evolving harmonic textures. Can be very processor intensive though… But fun!


Note duration /= time signature … sorry to be the notation dickhead. Carry on…

a vocoder type thing would be able to use arp to create some funky audio results.