Titel page do not print?

I made a titel page, but it doesn’t show up in the print page. It’s the same flow.
It had an override, but if I remove that the page vanishes.
What am I doing wrong ?

I don’t know why it’s not showing up on the print page, but for starters, don’t make the page design in the layout itself. It results in a page override, and (most importantly) can’t be saved or exported.

Instead, create a new master page and design it as you wish. Name it “Title” or whatever you want. Then on the first page in the pages panel, insert a master page change for that page only, and set that page as your title page design.

PS: now they’re called “parent pages” because reasons, but “master page” is still a pretty ubiquitous term to explain how it works: the master (or parent) page controls the design of each page to which it is assigned.

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They’re called “page templates”, just for complete accuracy.

@Mads_Vinding – Dan’s suggestions above are great, I’ll just drop some links to the relevant pages of the documentation for you to follow.

Oops! I conflated it with InDesign… :nerd_face:

Thank you both SO much!
The support here is unique! :partying_face: