Title bar spans full display

Running an ultra-wide monitor with Windows 10. When I snap Cubase to one side, I still have the main title bar stretching across the top of the entire screen, masking the title bar for any application I snap to the other side. Is there an option to disable this functionality and keep the title bar attached to the Cubase window?


Cubase menu is always locked to the top of the screen and place the whole width of your screen. There is no way around.

Martin, thank you for the response.

Sorry for re-opening such an old thread, but now that I switched to an ultra wide screen I have the same problem. I don’t mind having the title bar at the top, BUT:
Windows window snapping expects the (e.g.) project window to span the left side of the screen from top to bottom. It does so and following Cubase pushes down the project window so the title bar is still visible. It however does not change the window height and thus the project window’s bottom bar is hidden behind Windows’ taskbar.

This is really annoying! Any workarounds?

EDIT: I’m on 10.0 right now. Is this fixed in C11?