Title cut off in export to pdf

Frame with ‘Angels from the realms of glory’ is clearly much larger than the text itself. Looks great on screen, though I do need to find a way to move it up to the top margin.

How 'title' text looks in Dorico

Export to .pdf does not go well. Look at how export cuts off the title-text at bottom.

Look at how the 'g' and one other letter are cut off at bottom

I have not seen such an issue crop up, and it’s project-crippling. Project file at bottom - everything in public domain. Thanks, all!

HYMN_Angels,_from_the_realms_of_glory_REGENT_SQUARE.dorico (2.5 MB)

Without seeing a Dorico version of your file, we are somewhat flying blind here; but if spacing is the concern, there ought to be something you can do about that by changing or creating a custom Page Template.

.dorico linked in original post above :slight_smile: And I’ve edited the original post for clarity.

As to the .dorico, I may need to put together a fresh new .dorico for this. Not a big deal.

Intriguingly your Dorico file doesn’t show the same on my machine as in your original screenshot:

The frame is much closer to descenders. Nonetheless, it exports to PDF just fine here.

Is it possible that you have two different versions of Baskerville installed in your fonts folder, perhaps?

Mac OS Monterrey M1 Mini (lovely machine)

Here is what FontBook shows

My bad, missing your link.
I do not have the font you used (for text?) so there seem to be a couple of artifacts in a couple of letters. But here is what I did.

You used a blank custom file and page overrides, which may serve your purpose.
I enlarged the Title Text frame vertically and those for the additional stanzas at the bottom to be sure the frame dimensions did not cut off any characters. I would probably have created a page template with set fields that I could use (or adapt slightly) over and over, but that is my workflow and may not be what is convenient for you.

HYMN_Angels,_from_the_realms_of_glory_REGENT_SQUARE(2).dorico (2.5 MB)

HYMN_Angels,_from_the_realms_of_glory_REGENT_SQUARE - 01 - Full score - Revision 2022-11-26.pdf (32.2 KB)

I think I may have to put together a new hymn template file using my current .doricolib - I’ll let this thread know how things are going