Title cut off

I know it’s a simple issue, but I have watched videos, searched the Dorico Help and can’t fix it – yet. WIth your help, I will. :slight_smile:
THe title is on the first page, it’s all the pages after that it is not – I’m now in Dorico 3.5.

It appears that the text frame holding your page title/header is too small for the font size it is trying to hold. Presumably this is on your Default Master Page unless you have added overrides.

How does it look in the actual exported PDF file? for technical reasons, the Print preview can appear a little different than the exported result. This may in this case be due to the page size you’ve set for the layout in Layout Options?

Lillie, thanks for your response. It looks exactly the same for the PDF file.

A possible reason is that you pressed return after you entered the title, so your title is actually two lines, with the second one blank.

The title is centered vertically in the box, so you would only see the bottom of the first line.

This is an easy mistake to make, since you probably guessed that pressing return would end entering the text - but it doesn’t!.

Thanks, Ron, it’s good to have that information.
Can anyone lead me to a 3.5 guidebook where I could find clear instructions? :slight_smile:

The Dorico 3 manuals are here. The Dorico 3.5 Version History is here - I’m afraid you’ll have to make do with that as the 3.5 manual doesn’t exist yet.
There’s a set of video tutorials on Page Layout, here. They may be slightly out of date in small respects, seeing as they predate Dorico 3.5 (I think they actually date back to Dorico 1). Not much has changed in the fundamentals, but the left panel of Engrave mode has since been split into various submodes.

Because from the picture it looks like the page number is also cut off (in the top left), I wonder if the text frames have been resized. It might be easiest if you share the project here so we can take a look at various things that might be affecting this. You can upload Dorico files to this thread if you zip them first (files that end in .dorico can’t be uploaded).

Is this issue (the text being cut off) appearing just in Print mode, or in other modes too (e.g. Write mode)?

Thanks, I worked it out! I summoned the ghosts of word-processing past.