Title issues

I want to use a unique font for the project title but use the default text font for the project subtitle and flow title with the last two being different sizes from one another but both being smaller than the project title. I suspect there is a simple step I am missing but so far find that the “Title” paragraph style changes the font for each of the three and changing the fonts or font sizes for the second two results in page overrides in the page templates. Can I accomplish what I want without getting into page overrides?

Make your override in the Page Template (or even create a custom Page Template) to use the fonts you wish for each token.

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Yes, you can, depending on how you set things up in your page templates.

There are already different paragraph styles defined for project titles (Title) and flow titles (Flow title), but there’s no default paragraph style for subtitle. So you can define one in Library > Paragraph Styles, then in Engrave mode use the page template editor to edit the text frames containing the project title in the First page pair, and consider editing the default flow heading, if you also want flow headings to contain per-flow subtitles.

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Thanks, both. I am taking my dog for a walk but look forward to getting on with my project on my return.