Title page always in all (part) scores

Hi there!

With the new feature to make a project template, is it also possible to say ‘‘always show title page in every layout as page 1’’ or ‘‘always show instruction page in every score on page 2’’ or do you have to insert the pages manually in every layout seperately?

I tried some things, but couldn’t figure this one out.

Thanks again, this forum is lovely!

Hi Hanneke, there’s no automatic way to insert a page template into multiple layouts I’m afraid.

One could hypothetically set up the title page in one part layout, use the new “duplicate layout” function as many times as required, then switch the players assigned to each duplicated layouts (to essentially recreate the full part set but starting with the title page override) but I’ve not tried that to see if that actually saves any time.

Too bad, but as always, thanks for the quick response!