Title page that does not effect page numbering

Is it possible to create a title page that does not effect the page numbering of subsequent pages? I know I can set the starting page number of subsequent pages in engrave mode, but it’s an additional step I’m likely to forget at some point.


I’m afraid that page number overrides are the way to go.

That would be a nice option. Master Page changes have an option for Current Page Only.

Edit: For clarification. I set the Title Page number to use Roman numerals.

An antomatic option to classify pages as front matter and have them number with lowercase roman numerals, with music starting arabic numbering after, would be lovely.

I’d love to see pre-defined Title Page and TOC Master Pages with a Layout Option to enable/disable.

And if I may pile on here, an option to automatically add a blank-ish page to the end if the total page count is odd. (I say blank-ish because I usually put ‘intentionally blank’ on the page so it’s obvious that the extra page is not a printing error)

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