Title Page With Different Vertical Systems Spacing

I would like to set different vertical spacing of systems for the title page to the rest of the score.

Often, when setting the rastral spacing in Setup I find that the best spacing for the score often results, for e.g. in just one system on the title page with a large amount of unfilled space and two systems on the other pages. This is, obviously, due to the headings on the title page.

My preference would be to make the first two systems a little smaller to use the space on the title page and keep my headings as set and also to leave the rest of the score as set in the Setup rastral settings.

This has been a long-standing issue for me which I’ve never resolved satisfactorily. Although I have tried a few things I’m certain there is a way in Dorico.


You can insert a system or frame break anywhere in the score (including on the first note) and change its “space size” property in Engrave mode.