Title popover, tiny annoyances... :-)


two little niggles:

  1. If I doubleclick the title to format it, the popover doesn’t seem to respect the Write window border, it appears outside and disappears when I drag down…
    Attachment 1.gif
  2. And formatting the title actually requires selecting the cryptic field name first…
    Attachment 2.gif

The popover appears aligned with the top left-hand corner of the text frame, though of course in Write mode you don’t see the text frame itself (it would be more evident in Engrave mode).

Hey Daniel,
thanks for taking the time!
Is there any way to have the popovers come into plain sight regardless of score position in the window?


Nope, but you can scroll the window without the popover closing, so that’s what I suggest you do.

Oh, and it’s Daniel, not David.

Cheers, Bobby! :wink:

I’m sorry… likely the half of my brain I need for thinking about engraving music is not the same as the one identifying people/names… :blush:
Note to self: Improve multithreading ability… :nerd:

Fair enough… :sunglasses:

For #2, perhaps Dorico could “select all” automatically when the text is double-clicked for editing. I think I’ve seen other programs behave this way.