Title, Subtitle, Composer only showing in Full Score, but not Parts. Why?!

Hi Dorico experts!

I’m hoping you can help and that this is an easy fix: Project Info text (Title, Subtitle, Composer) & graphic is only showing in the Full Score and not in any of the parts. Can anyone please explain this? I’ve gone round the houses and can’t find it in any settings.

In Setup, I added 6 solo instruments, go to Project Info and add the text, add a little logo in Engrave, all set ready to go, but none of it appears in the parts.

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Project Templates are different for the score and the parts. You need to adjust the page template(s) for the parts or import your score template into the parts template set.

Thanks Derrek,

Where do you adjust page templates? I’m sure in the past I’ve never had to do this and all the text’s been in the parts as well. Maybe I’ve changed the settings?

Thanks again - much appreciated

Engrave mode, on the right column below the page avatars.

Hmm, I don’t see a dropdown for Page Template Sets here (Dorico 3)

They were called Master Pages in Dorico 3.

Yep, having no joy at all here, but thanks for trying. Makes no sense at all. Surely you select the players and any notation, text etc… that’s added to the Score should automatically be added to the parts?!

Perhaps this tutorial will help (it was created for D3.5, so the terminology should match your setup).

Thanks Janus. Sadly not- anything I try in Master Pages doesn’t work. Going slightly deranged here.
…anyone got the number for Dignitas?

Hi @whibbers, try with this very detailed video (for Dorico 2, but it should also apply to Dorico 3), starting at 8:27 :slight_smile:

If you’ve made changes on the page itself, these make page overrides, and then changes to the master page won’t appear. See the User Guide (v.3) for how to remove overrides.

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Aha! Thanks Christian_R - that explains why. Still trying to figure out where and at which stage you’re meant to edit Titles/Subtitles etc… and why Dorico won’t allow it from the start. Seems very convoluted for such a straightforward thing

Really appreciate everyone’s help.

Thank you

Thanks Mark_Johnson, where & when are you supposed to make changes? Editing in Master Pages/First also doesn’t show up in Parts.

If you look on the small page icon on the top right you will probably find a red triangle on it. This means that you have page overrides for your page 1, which prevent Dorico of applying your changed Master page to that page.

thanks @klafkid - yep I’ve got to that stage, just not sure when & where you’re meant to make edits

when: before you make any direct changes in engrave mode

where: in the master page editor pointed out by the other members.

:joy: thanks - I’m presuming the other members are all tearing their hair out reading this!

I’ve genuinely tried every option there is in Master Pages - what am I doing wrong?!

can you show us the edited master page that you created in a screenshot?

Yeah sure
Quem Me Dera 2.dorico (1.4 MB)

Parts can use different Master Pages sets from Scores. Check in Layout Options > Page Setup which sets your Parts are using.

Then edit the Master Pages for the Default Part set. Don’t edit the Pages themselves!

Then make sure that you have no page overrides caused by manual changes to the pages.