Titles in parts propagation

Apologies, I am sure this has been explained earlier but I can neither find it nor understand if what I have found is relevant.

I have a band score, and I did not like the layout of the title, composer, player, copyright, etc. in either the full score or the player parts. So, changed the score by overwriting the text frames with new ones to put stuff where I want it. Also did this for the first band part. However, I believe there must be a simple method to copy the titles (etc.) layout of the first edited part to the other 26 players automatically. Tried the propagation in Layout Settings but this did not seem to work.

My old befuddled brain is struggling as I am tired and I have a deadline looming and the thought of having to manually rejig for another 26 times is not one I welcome.
I would appreciate some help.

As I said, sorry if this has all been done before.


The way to update the layout of title, composer etc info on the first page of music for all parts in one go, is to edit the First page template in the Default Part page template set.

If you’ve done this on one page in one part layout, unfortunately you can’t copy that to other layouts; you’ll need to replicate your edits on the First page template, which will then carry through to all the part layouts that use the Default Part page template set (which is all of them, if you’ve not changed anything in that area).

Check out this video (just in Dorico 4, be aware that the term “master page” is now “page template”, but the functionality hasn’t changed, just the terminology)


Thank you Lillie - I will have a go.

Much appreciated

Hi Lillie

Thank you for your advice but I am still having problems. I thought I had followed your instructions and the video’s – but I am still unable to get it working.

Perhaps it is early onset dementia as I am nearly 70! Anyway, I have sent you the file of the piece I am working on – well, it is completed except for the parts. It won a competition and they are asking for the parts to perform its premiere and I am under a little pressure. Would you be kind enough to look at the score and tell me where I have gone wrong? I would be very grateful.

The score is laid out with the titles, etc. just as they specified. However, only the soprano cornet part displays this all correctly. No matter what I do, I cannot seem to get the rest of the parts to imitate that layout.

I would be sooo grateful for your help.

Kindest regards


Straits of Peace - BBand.dorico (1.46 MB)

Here you go, Pete. The attached version of your project has your page templates all sorted out, and the overrides removed from all of the parts, so that they all have the appropriate look. If you want to change the way the top of the first page of each part looks, instead of editing it manually, double-click the First page in the Default Part page template set on the right-hand side in Engrave mode and make the changes there. When you click Apply and Close, the changes will be reflected in all of the layouts that use this template.

When you open this project it will complain about being created in a later version of Dorico. You can safely ignore that warning.

Straits of Peace - BBand.dorico (1.2 MB)

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Oh wow! Thank you so much, Daniel. What a fabulous service you offer.

I am so grateful, you cannot imagine.

Thank you once again