Tme/Pitch Shift algorithms

I thought I’d experiment with the various Time/Pitch shift algorithms, as I’m getting a lot of artifacts on a vocal I’m pitch shifting an octave higher (a clean recording, no reverb, normalised etc).

Having read the relevant sections of the manual, I set about changing from Standard Solo (to say, Standard Vocals) on the source track, but, after I shift the pitch, it switches back (to Standard Solo) if I straighten the curve, formant, pitch, with a message to the effect that this algorithm is unavailable. Am I missing something?

Thanks for advice,



VariAudio can use only some algorithms.

Thanks Martin, I can’t find a reference to this in the manual. Which algorithms can VA use?

I’ve heard others getting better results from shifting vocals one octave, so I need to experiment with this. I’ll start another thread asking for advice…