tmp and hard disks questions

I currently have a couple of 7200 rpm ide drives, until now I always had one disk for system (where I installed cubase and plugins and windows) and one for the projects.
I’m thinking of replacing them for a better performance ones.
I’m thinking of getting a small ssd drive, as I understood it fastens the sampling time and other applications. question is, should the ssd drive be the System drive or the projects drive? is the tmp folder of the files being sampled is in the system drive and then moved to a project folder? or is it made right in the projects hard drive?

I tried using task manager while sampling to understand, but I’m not sure still.

one last question about performance, how good is the ssd compared to a 10,000 rpm ide drive when it comes to cubase?


Cubase streams audio direct to and from the project drive.

SSD waist of money IMO.

I’m not convinced that 10k rpm is worth the extra, either. 7200 is ample imo. There is a thread here somewhere that discusses the benefits of SSD from not that long ago.

I forgot to mention that my C6 is installed on the system disk, does it change anything?

also, can you give me a link to it? I don’t think I’ve found something like that in the search a bunch of different questions about SSD nothing specific, I’m really interested in understanding in what areas it benefits

thanks again

That’s where it’s supposed to be. It’s your project audio that you run from a separate disk.

Sorry, I’m too busy to look right now. Do a search for SSD on this site and why not try GearSlutz too?

Total waist of good money at the moment, unless you have a very good reason to spend hundreds of pounds/dollars on a small storage device.

Only advantage is for sample playback and then only if you’re really pushing it, no point on the O/S as you’ll just be able to boot up the o/s quicker so unless your constantly re-starting the o/s it’s a waist of time.

Only other slight advantage is they are silent.

I’d wait untill the price drops considerably.

are you actually saying that mixdown VST instruments takes the same time with a SSD and an IDE? thats my main annoyance.

You mentioned something like this in your first post. Assuming I understand you right, mixdown speed has nothing to do with disk speed, it will be more affected by processor speed and enough memory.

7200 rpm disks have always been perfectly adequate. When 10k rpm disks came out there was even talk that they could slow you down- something to do with the disk being so fast that you had to wait till it came round again before the system could do its thing. This was a while ago, admittedly but I’d spend your dollars elsewhere if it’s speed you’re looking for.

As for SSD, it’s relatively new technology. There seem to be plenty of positive experiences around, though they are, as has been mentioned, still very expensive in comparison.

Hope that helps.

In essence yes.

Although I do like a fast drives for things like backup project but given the expense and size of SSD’s is it worth it!!!

The answer has to be not yet.