To add more insert slots?

From the get-go, I jumped from N5 to N10 and feel very blinded by the advances. Even within N5, I hadn’t had enough ‘meat-on-the bone’ experience that actually shows my last grasp of fuller understanding, was back with N3 many years ago! Now that I’ve opened my confession booth to way more than my parish priest, I beg your patience with my lack of knowledge.
I want to get to the post fader inserts as now I only show a total of 3 pre-inserts. I’ve read the manual but still can’t understand how to achieve my goal of adding rack slots in the post mode. If anyone can better explain the proper steps that a retarded engineer has a hell-of-a-time getting, I would be grateful and buy you a hamburger if you come to St. Louis!
Quite in the dark,

Hi Blas,

One of the ways to do it is:
Insert as pre fader, then right click and select move to post fader.


(PS Steinberg is a Hamburg company so i like your closing remark)

The position of the fader is marked by a thin line in the insert rack. Just grab it and move it to any position you like.