to all members! ASIO-VST Real Peak Problems Solution

Hey Forum Members, & Tech Support,

Since C7 and N6 was realeased iam causing several Problem with ASIO-VST Performance, because iam working
MAINLY with VST Instruments.

In C6.5 and N5.5 the realtime performance Peak was low and causing no problems, after i was loading
several N5.5 projekct in N6 there where dropouts and very high real time peaks.

Iam also working with Live 9 and here iam using JBridge for using my 32Bit Plugins in Live9

Today i tried out simple to scann the Bridge Plugins in N6.
AND— i was suprising - the bridge 32 plugins causing 60-80% lower real tiem peaks and after
briding 64 bit plugins with jbrige to .64 jbrige plugins also this native 64 bit plugins causing the same lower
cpu weight…

this is now fine for me!


My question to members and Tech Support.

I am NOT a developer, but i ask myselfe why the performance with a 3rd Party Bridge is average 50% better for ALL
VST Plugins and Steinberg the Developer and Inventor of VST causes even for native 64Bit Plugins such a BAD Performance in the own host Software?

Perhabs this will help for STeinberg.

My suggestion is:

BUY This Software for 1 Mio Euro, PAY the Developer a fair amount and integrate THIS Plugin in YOUR Software…
All user would be happy ! ?

I am not working with a low performance Workstation - At Moment AMD 8-Core and i also tested i on a
i7 3930k CPU - with a 40% higher Perforamnce then the AMD 8 Core… The issues where the same on both PCS.

looking forward for replys


That is a very interesting post. I too am keen to hear what Steinberg have to say about it.

I’ll test it myself later.

i send yesterday this post as a ticket to yamaha nuendo… nuendo now is a support division of yamaha. :slight_smile:

so i am looking forward if there is really someone interedted in this issue.

tested today again all plugins with jbridge and… the vst performace is much,much more better then with the native steinberg vst bridge.


I know that Jbridge is better than VSTbridge when using 32bit plugs, but I’m really interested in the idea of jBridging 64bit plugs in N6-64bit (unless I’ve misunderstood you original post).

sorry… it was an error in my logic.
I can bridge some of the 64 bit plugins with jbridge… and there will be a own folder. but Cubase_Nuendo will only
load the bridge 32>64 bit plugins… it was my mistake.

All bit bridges are cobbles really, not solutions.
It’s a workaround to keep you going until the VSTi devs come up with a 64-bit version.

This whole bridging issue is the main reason I stayed away from 64-bit for as long as I possibly could and in all honesty, I only did it because I had no choice but to switch to Windows 7 as N6/C7 will not install to XP/32 even though the 32-bit versions under W7 are much less efficient than XP/32.