To clarify - Saving samples!

So, I have done a bit of playing with loading samples, slicing etc. So far everything I have found indicates the Halion saves it’s samples both when ‘saving a program’ and when using Halion as a VSTi in cubase.

I just want to make double sure that when I start using Halion to chop samples in my songs that Halion keeps those samples and saves them itself?

Is it saved with the other audio files in the Cubase directory or?


If you are working on a project with HALion as an instance, with the slots populated with your samples, then yes, this instance with all the loaded slots, gets saved with the Cubase project, however, this does not actually save the samples as file presets to your hard drive itself. You will have to save these manually, in order to reload and reuse them if need be in another project. Anything loaded into a slot and saved with a project, will be inaccessible to any other projects, or instances of HALion if you do not save them as .VSTPresets first. I personally just click the little diskette icon in the top toolbar of the slots list and assign it a name, category and library header, in order to have it exported and saved as a hard copy for future use.