"To Coda" font


I’m trying to change the font of the “To Coda” marker but it doesn’t seem to change no matter which font style I edit. I went for default text, as well as a few other specific ones that weren’t changed, but none of them change the font for “To Coda” and you cannot change it when you select it in any mode, as far as I know.

How do I change that font?

Cheers and thanks.

Which version of Dorico do you use? Things have changed with Dorico 4. We used to change Font styles>Repeat markers font, I guess now it’s a paragraph style (though not sure about it, the migration to paragraph styles is not complete IIRC)

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As of D4 it’s Paragraph Styles / Repeat Marker Jumps


oh that was quick, thank you!

thank you kindly!

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(just for reference: Dorico 4 manual search results for “to coda font”)

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