to Daniel ...Tuplets

Sorry, I have not been able to send a «private» message !

I take time to send this file to you. (353 KB)
Just wondering what exactly happen on bar region #9, #24 and #40 about the tuplet indications?
Some are to long !

This do not affect the final result because I’ll will make them invisible but in the case I do need to show them it might cause problem.

If there is a way to make them «normal» please let me know how.



It’s very important to have the right note value selected when you apply the tuplet. In your case, generally the “correct” note value to have selected is eighth/quaver note (which is “5” on the keyboard). The places where you’ve gone wrong you’ve probably selected quarter/crotchet note (which is “6” on the keyboard). The only solution is to go back, delete the long ones and do them again.