To discontinue the eLicenser dongle

… We need more than two licenses… Studio One has 5 licenses available, which all can be administered within your account.
To license your computers, you also have to connect online only once (or do an offline filebased activation). After that there are NO need to ever go online again for keeping the license active (easier updates is another matter ;-))… No need to “call home” ever again, except for major upgrades.

I have two studio machines, one machine in a test environment, and one laptop… on which I have Cubase and Nuendo (+ PT and S1) installed.
It is no problem moving the dongle around… But I do think it would be a bigger hassle to log in every time to move the lisences between computers, to be able to test or work on the move.

Please give us some more computer registrations… and ditch the “call home” every 30 days (this should only be necesarry with every major upgrade).

Just my 2 cents

Thanks for your feedback. We have heard this kind of response from a number of users here on the forum since Wednesday. Please be assured that we are taking this feedback into account, and if we determine that we should make any changes to the planned system in response to that feedback, we will communicate those changes to you as clearly as possible.