To join or not to join that is the midi question!

Ok this is something that has been bugging me recently.

When I import a midi file into Cubase 10 Pro the tracks are split where there are no midi outputs.

I normally go in and select all tracks and then glue them together.

When looking at screenshots online, Steinberg website and other websites they seem to show the project without the joins.

I write my music out in MuseScore and then import to Cubase. I then assign a track to the VSTi track afterwards. Now MuseScore used to be version 1 midi. I am on version 3 and I believe they are using version 2 of the midi handbook. I don’t care, MusicXml seems to not work properly with Cubase because it misses out the sharps, flats and neutrals etc… this can be random. But the same thing the import breaks down sections into midi output. Eg prelude of the midday faun by Debussy has a solo flute on one track and then on another track flutes where the flute section comes in until the flute solo reappears a few bars down so between solo flute tracks there is a gap. Does that make sense?

Is this an issue or a non issue.?


Here is a screen capture.

Sorry one more piece to this puzzle is when I see projects with screen captures they seem to always have a sound line on them even if midi

Like this:

Now I only thought that the squiggle applied if there was a file like a wave file ie one that physically contains a sound file in it.

My mid8 files never look like that.