To many programs to install for the use of a single program!

To use cubase Pro & my UR28m sound card I have installed 7 programs:

Spectralayers 7
Steinberg download assistant
Steinberg library manager
Steinberg activation manager
Yamaha Steinberg usb control panel.

Without the sound card, if I want to use cubase I need to install 5 programs.

You Steinberg creators have ever opened another daw?


You don’t have to install following products:

  • eLicenser, it’s part of Cubase installation
  • SpectraLayers is a software, which you don’t have to install, if you don’t need it
  • You don’t need Steinberg Activation Manager. What do you use it for?
  • Yamaha Steinberg USB Control Panel/Driver and DSPmixFX is one installer (part of TOOLS).

So at the end you need just this:

  • Steinberg Download Assistant
  • Steinberg Library Manager (I’m not 100% sure, but this might be also part of Cubase installation)
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So basically to use cubase with the sound card I need Tools, Steinberg Download Assistant, Steinberg library Manager, Cubase, elicenser, Yamaha Steinberg usb controller, and dspmix FX. I don’t have to install them but they install anyway and they are in my system.


Not really. You need Cubase and Yamaha Steinberg driver.

After I dig the internet I couldn’t find any cubase install so I had to install also the Steinberg download assistant. For the content it asked to use library manager. After installed everything it doesn’t seem to be working so searching on internet I found that I need also the elicenser to be installed. I also have the Yamaha usb drive and the dsp mix in order to use some functions so yes… I have 6 programs