To move a rest horizontally...

…is something even with Dorico 3 I cannot find how to do. The attached photo tells all: I want to move the orange-highlighted rest to the right and up such that it will be to the right of the chord on beat one.
Screenshot 2019-11-05 at 13.32.37.png
This is driving me mad. Marc Larcher, you will know the project I am just about done with, and yes, Dan, this and the other five or so measures like it are still driving me bonkers. lol

Is this what you want to achieve? (Sorry, it wasn’t so clear)

If that’s it, you have to fake the rhythmic position of the rest:
Create a new voice and then make a smaller rest (32th for example), followed by the 8th rest you want. Hide the first one (32th) and adjust the vertical position of the 8th rest as needed.


lol - I was really hoping Dorico 3 might have fixed this, but I guess it is a more complicated issue than it seems at face-value. I’ll go with your solution, then. Thanks so much!

A pleasure!

A note aside: The thing is, regarding vertical position, rests are not treated as other objects; they are treated as notes. Every note will always align rhythmically. So, I don’t really think it’s something that needs to be “fixed”, because Dorico is doing it right. When we users need to step outside convention, that’s when we use workarounds.

The difference is that notes have a fixed vertical position (obviously) but rests do not. Dorico doesn’t understand the idea that with multiple voices, if a rest doesn’t “fit” in its normal position you might want to move it horizontally instead of vertically to preserve the correct order of the voices.

If you have three voices on a staff, the top and bottom are notes but the middle is a rest, and there isn’t room for Dorico to fit the rest between the notes, I don’t think you can argue that Dorico is “doing it right” to put the middle voice rest either above or below the notes.

You can’t move the rest out of the way vertically in these examples without confusing the part writing (Both from WTC Book 1).
Offset rests 1.png
Offset rests 2.png