To run C8 properly is Windows 8 the way to go ?

Hi, as above …or has Windows 10 superseded 8 or is Windows 10 just for mobile phones, getting a little :confused: here…

Kevin :slight_smile:

Windows 10 hasn’t been released yet. It’ll be released sometime next year. And no, when windows 10 is released, it will do away with the metro view present in Windows 8 (at least for standard computers such as desktops and most non touchscreen laptops), and will resurrect features taken away in windows 8 (such as the fully capable start menu). In other words, while Windows 10 will still support mobile devices, it will for the most part be aimed at making Windows work well on desktop and laptop computers and fixing some of the complaints caused by Windows 8. In the meantime, I believe that Windows 8, the latest version of Windows, would be most compatible with Cubase 8. Windows 7 would probably work well too.

Thank you…was getting a bit confused with it all… :slight_smile:

Your welcome.