to Steinberg : Please document when BUGS/ISSUES are first introduced.

hi @Matthias Quellmann / Steinberg,

can you please introduce into the Release-Notes :

WHEN (ie which Release number) the issue was FIRST introduced/observed.

For example, regarding the recent ASIO bug fix in 10.5.12, WHEN was this issue first introduced (and/or observed) in the product ?
[ of course I realise that some issues become introduced as a result of other third-party development frameworks being changed also… ]

In addition, as a bonus question : Does this bug exist in Nuendo ?



From my experience, sometimes it’s very difficult to say, in which version was specific bug introduced. It happens very often that a “new” bug appears. Ad if you go down to the older version, you find it there too.

No, this bug is not in Nuendo.

Agreed, sometimes it is difficult, however, often, during the patching and maintenance of the code, it becomes apparent through the source code control review, when the “new bug” became a vulnerability in the code. This could be a bug :
a) introduced by SB developers,
b) introduced by a change in other third party run time framework components.

mor often than not, in my experience, in order to rectify a reported case/bug, the code triage/review must have first already have occured in order to correct. … and one would hope that developers would also, back track, to review code vulnerabilites in previous versions of the code - well at least as far back as the currently supported code streams.

It seems that very little information is available in the Release-notes, when in my opinion far more information could be made available - albeit a URL link with the high level information described above.


But why would that be of interest to anyone ?
I don’t need to know the lifecycle of a bug, just that it has been fixed or not.
It just feeds the trolls more ammunition.

Yep, I just want them to acknowledge the bug and FIX it

^ This.

I’ve been wondering how bug submission is handled. There are so many versions currently available to users, and so many little inconsistencies, be it GUI, menus, plugins etc. etc., that if one thread is made per little inconsistency and per version, all would be lost like drops in a vast ocean, and no-one would be able to keep track of them, users and developers alike…