To the administartor:


I unfortunately can not find any other way to contact the administrator or any other official support (the Austrian dealer assigned to Slovenian customers has no contact information other than the post address).

I submitted a question on Sunday without any reply, regarding crashing of the Halion Sonic 3 in stand-alone mode (on Mac Sierra) every time I touch any control (button, drawbar, etc) on my Roland VR-09. Please relate to the post below: Sonic 3 issues (

As a vst within CB pro8.5 it does not crash, but it also does not respond to any control commands ( I would like to do the automation of, e.g., expression pedal or damper, or rotary speaker control), so they can not be “learnt” to any HS3 commands.

Also, I hoped to be able to use the HS3 in the standalone mode and within my Cubase Pro 8.5, without having to learn a lot about midi and without having to programme my own panels, or drivers. If I am mistaken, I would like to know that before Sunday, in order to be able to withdraw from the purchase. In this case, the included Halion Sonic SE is good enough for me.

I would appreciate if anybody replies to me either via the forum or by personal mail (

Thanks in advance,