To the Docked Mediabay: Give me my focus back!

When the docked Mediabay is open, after having selected a file, the arrange page cannot regain focus.

These key commands are all useless to release me from the Mediabay’s clutches:
"focus: back"
“focus: forward”
"focus: escape"

(the first two are duplicates it seems of “tab” and “shift+tab” keystrokes)

Even clicking on the tracklist in the arrange, de-highlights the Mediabay selection, but like the Terminator it will not let go. Try and arrow left/right events on a track. Yup, you’re back in the Mediabay.

Or am I the only one?

Not seeing that here doing a simple test of opening the Racks tab, making a selection, then clicking on the track list and navigating with the arrow keys…

OK thanks Steve. I’ll see if I can make detailed steps from a blank project. When I arrow left/right in the arrange area, after leaving the Mediabay, the focus jumps back to the “Category” section of the Racks tab.

BTW, up/down selection works in arrange.

Weirdly, I just tried it again and can indeed reproduce. But if you can come up with a repeatable recipe that would be great. besure to include the type of tracks that are in the project, and exactly where you click- e.g., track list or work area etc…