To the Field of Reeds

Just finished a book called Justice of the Pharaohs about what is known of crime and punishment in Ancient Egypt. That included references to the Field of Reeds, the Ancient Egyptian version of heaven. It wasn’t an easy journey, and there were serious tests on the way. The 3 sections of this are imaginings of encountering and passing a few of those tests.
You’ll hear what’s basically my take (with the help of Mellowtone loops in 6/8) on African rhythms. Egypt, of course, is in North Africa, and we don’t know what the musicians painted on the tomb walls sounded like when they played. I therefore went for some different sounds on the 2 analog electric guitar tracks and the analog acoustic steel string and nylon string guitar tracks. Those sounds came courtesy of the Helix Native plug-in and an Electro Harmonix POG. There’s also an analog Fender Fretless Jazz bass.
It’s all a fantasy that may owe more to my listening to people like Weather Report and Santana circa Welcome or Borboletta than it does to Ancient Egypt. In any case, it definitely is dense, but I hope you’ll like the journey if you give it a listen.

Hi Swetch, I liked this one. Lots of dense sounds that fit together. It does remind me of Weather Report.

Many thanks for the listen and kind words. As for the Weather Report vibe, very pleased if I managed to get anything close to what they might’ve done.

Hey Swetch,
Yes it’s dense, and on top, I found it really well constructed.
By the way, WR , in particular in the early days is a true inspiration and I still listen to many of their recordings.
Also, as I don’t play guitar, neither bass (i’m more on keyboards) i’m also impressed by the quality of your plays :slight_smile:
Really nice listening.

Yes i too enjoyed this, very hypnotic ,great mixture of sounds and textures very professional sounding recording .nice.