To the steinberg team and spl11 devs

hey gang,
let me say you guys at steinberg are really on top of the game with sl10. i’m a 100% pro tools user, editing dialogue or sound effects daily. so naturally i’m a rx power user. it’s part of my daily work flow. the unmixing philosophy in sl and working in layers and recombining them is a game changer for serious dialogue editing. thousands of dialogue editors would use sl more i’m sure, when the jump from rx would be easier. i just dont see so many pros giving up on rx because of muscle memory and just being used to how things are done in rx. would you consider at all, tweaking UI and workflow? or would you even consider to implement an rx mode, so we can do what we are used to, but sl feels and functions more like rx in this “rx mode”? i can’t see anyone seriously using sl for the standard click and short noise removal in spectral attenuate mode in sl like we do hundreds times a day in rx, as it is implemented right now. rx is a million times more convenient to use. but we could start building upon the unmix functionalities, cleaning the “stems” and recombining them again. i dont see izotope implementing this kind of workflow any time soon. the biggest question is, if you do want to get more into post, or more into music. right now, i see cubendo and sl more on the music side, and pt and rx more on the post side of things.

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@daniel_perez1 Thanks for the kind words !
It’ll be much easier for people onboarding from RX to SL with the upcoming SL11, with a streamlined UI and much easier access to and use of modules for instance (can’t disclose too much at this point though). And if you’re a PT user, then there’s another nice addition that’ll come later this year (again, can’t disclose anything yet !).
With each new version SL tries to push the limits in both domains, music and post. With again some nice additions in both coming with SL11.

Keep an eye on the upcoming World Premiere on June 12th :


I’m in! :grinning: