To transfer shorcuts

To transfer shorcuts Cubase 7.5 to 8 (since the installation does not - why? :imp: ), How?

The directory under Appdata look different. Can we identify these files exactly?

Why Steinberg does not? Anyway, I have not seen this information. I’m on Windows 7/64.

Just to let Steinberg off the hook, you’re experiencing an issue that’s particular to your rig. All updates I’ve ever done transfer shortcuts.

Just open your previous version of Cubase, Save the shortcuts to a file, then import them back into 8.

Good luck

Okay. Thank you. I succeeded. And EuCon? I can not find the exact file.

No worries. Just hitting the Thanks button is thanks enough (or send money, LOL)!

No idea with EuCon. Don’t have a controller.:frowning:

I’ve found. Here I share the information - for Eucon.

The default configuration file is not in the same place as the modification file by the user. I take care of it only.

Once changes Cubase8 a file. xlm appears in this hidden directory:

\ AppData \ Roaming \ Euphonix \ UserSets \ MC2User \ MC_USER_SET__Root

Personally, I opened the Cubase7.5 files I copied into 8 which is in the tag: .

Thank you to Steinberg and Avid (Euphonix) to make things so complicated. :mrgreen: