to upgrade or not to upgrade?

hello friends,
I am not sure whether or not to upgrade to 6. I am currently running ver. 5.5. my system is VERY stable, and works flawlessly. I wanted some feedback from some of you who just came from 5 to 6. are there any large advantages with 6? is it worth the extra 150? has it been stable for you? should I wait until 6 has an update then upgrade? I know a lot of questions…I am looking for someone to push me in one direction or another.

thank you, and keep on making music!

Krist Hochburger

Like me, if there is nothing exciting you about this new version then wait until an initial update has come out for C6 and have a look and see if it’s ready for you then. If not wait until a subsequent release.

There are a bunch of bugs and no doubt the next update will address these and other items that the previous major version release (C6) was unable to fix. I am no longer upgrading as C5 with it’s flaws is better than a headache with C6 and having to upgrade S/W and H/W as well!

With the outstanding bugs still from C4 I really don’t feel like spending more dosh to get what I should have had way back when…

If it ain’t broke, don’t break it.

Spoil sport…

I bought it but still use 5 for projects until I am used to it and get all my setting right. You can install both so it depends if you think it a waist of money or like me and just cant help yourself!!

Thank you for your insights… You have helped me realize that I am going to upgrade eventually. I will not save any money by waiting…so I might as well get it and take my time setting it up, while still working with 5.

Now… Back to making music

Best regards ,

Krist Hochburger

Upgrade! Every time there is an upgrade it is because Steinberg has put a lot of work and enery in the new version to make it better. I always upgrade right away. :slight_smile:

I’ve upgraded, and as others have stated C5 is still there if I want it.

I work a lot with acoustic stringed instruments and some the new features are a big step forward for me - especially the time stretch algos, the comping, and general multi-channel editing.

There are lots of small but useful enhancements such as automation nodes that expand with zoom making them much easier to use.

Graphically there is a big improvement although it must be said that the slightly unfamiliar surroundings are a little disorientating, but one gets past that pretty quickly

The Halion Sonic SE is a whole lot more useful as a box to run HSO out of, which I use a lot. The previous HSO interface was a joke! Note expression is looking good although so far I’m only tinkering with it.

I’d also considered the issue that C6 might not perform well on my system so looked on early adoption as a way to test drive that and identify any issues. Actually, I needn’t have worried.

Yes there are few bugs but TBH they don’t really interfere with my workflow. the most annoying thing (for me) so far is one of the pan handles can be a bit sticky. Not exactly a huge deal. I can live with these sort of things until an update arrives. It might be different if the thing didn’t work or kept crashing, but it doesn’t. For me.

Upgrade, don’t listen to the tight-wads.

I’m waiting to see if the 5.53 update applies to Studio as well as full cubase because I have a slow CPU not because I’m wedded to XP or some old OS.

What did you think of the upgrade from SX3 to the first version of C4?

(My experience with Cubase 4)

To chase and Woodcrest Studio.

I can’t recall any big problems going from SX3 to Cubase 4. It does not mean there were no problems. I take it as a part of being a producer using computer software. I have never had problems that could not been solved within reasonable time.

I wish you both all the best. :slight_smile:

To Woodcrest Studio: I like you drawing! :slight_smile:

Thanks for that. Things are great these days with the 5.x series of Cubase and Nuendo.

That’s funny
I dont recall any trouble from sx to cubase 4