To what application do the following installs belong?

Steinberg Drum Loop Expansion 01

Steinberg EDM Toolbox MIDI Loops

Steinberg Padshop

Steinberg Padshop 64bit

I do not use Groove Agent and want to uninstall these from my Cubase Pro 8 installation.
Does anyone see a problem with Cubase 8 Pro functioning properly if I remove all of them?

See Here:

I don’t understand exactly what you are saying Hedshaker.
Not one of those four items is mentioned at all in the linked post. :question: :question: :question: :question:

Indeed, I am trying to find out if any or all of the four items is installed for Grove Agent.

I don’t believe any of those items is Groove Agent specific…

Padshop is a synth (and a very nice one), the others are various loops.

I doubt that removing any of those things will break Cubase. If you are that short on free space, you may want to consider adding a new hard drive.