Today begins the 44th Anniversary of Woodstock

Tonight is the 44th anniversary of my attending the Led Zeppelin concert at the Asbury Park Conventional Hall. While my friends wanted to go to Woodstock only a short drive up the NY Thruway, I did not see that wasting $4.00 on Zeppelin tickets was a good idea :unamused:

Now that you put it THAT way !

I had a great time in 1969. I was 16, had been driving for 2 years from when I lived in Florida. Steady girlfriend who enjoy experiments, she was a science major. Hahaha. Demands on my life were few and the fun was plentiful. I’d go back

Unkept and unkempt share the broad definition neglected or not properly maintained, but unkempt is usually reserved for describing a person’s rough appearance. The word is derived from the older unkembed, meaning uncombed, and is most appropriate (etymologically considered) in reference to disordered hair.

Unkept, meanwhile, tends to describe neglected properties. Of course, it can also mean simply not kept (usually in reference to promises). Our Microsoft Word spell check catches unkept, but it’s a perfectly good word.

This unkept–unkempt distinction is not a rule, however. Unkempt is often used to describe untrimmed lawns and hedges, for example. Unkept is only rarely used to describe people, but we did find a few instances in our searches.

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@ Split, why is nobody gruntled these days? Why does nobody say it is clement today? Where do you draw the line between milt-facetted and facetious?


I’m completely discombobulated but never combobulated … :laughing:

I’ve been feeling both gruntled and combobulated lately. Perhaps I’ve been dissed?

Back to Woodstock …

My Mom had the classic soundtrack on vinyl (I was born in 1975). I remember she would never let me listen to the beginning of the “fish cheer” … Gimme an F (F …) you know how it goes

Anyway, I’m just glad I got in on a little bit of “real” music through my Mom’s record collection.

… and it’s 1,2,3 what are we fightin’ for …

Few years ago my son’s band shared a stage with 10 Years After. It was great talking with them of course Alvin doesn’t tour with them anymore, but Joe’s good - and Leo is a riot :laughing:

I had one of the wheels come off…
… and I swear I never used the Microsoft BOB OS!

That’s probably one of the differences between the US of A and the UK :stuck_out_tongue:

Maybe some o’ you youngin’ gotta go back and watch the movie. Somewhat enlightening if you missed that generation. The way I see things today, if I hadn’t lived it, I’d never have believed it ever existed.

So the word is : evolved or deteriorated ?