Today Cubase made some kind of reset

Very strange thing happened!

I started Cubase today and noodled around for a while and decided to restart, because I thought I needed a fresh start. This is something I do everyonce in a while so nothing strange so far.
when I restart the first thing that comes up is that “register now / already registered / Gimme a beer” plop up?!!? Not sure why that happened but I hit the registered button. After that I notice my (saved and backed up) default Generic Remote doesn’t load, so I reload that. Then a few other settings like “stop playback while winding” and the “snap to” values are changed?!!?

What’s up with that? Anybody who has seen this behavior? :confused:

The list with “recent files” where reset I just noticed.

same thing happened to me back in November

Cubase decided it didn’t like what you chose in Prefs and spit it out. :wink:

OK, thanx! Anything “bad” happening apart from just a few prefs and stuff like that you just could reset?

Am I supposed to say sorry to a computer application, now? :imp:

nope that was it… nothing too serious, just really random. everything’s been fine since then too…

This happens to me on occasion as well. I think it’s b/c some file in the prefs that Cubase looks to upon startup, has gotten corrupted the last time you shut it down.

I keep a b/u of my entire prefs folder for just this reason. When this happens, and Cubase rebuilds the prefs, I shut down Cubase, trash that newly created pref folder, and c&p my b/u. This way, all of my settings are still there, and I don’t need to select which KC file, which pref file, change the way the transport bar is set up, change the toolbar order, set everything to ‘always on top’, etc.



Mmm, yeah, I have something saved, too. Not sure what it is haha, just some random backup without really being double checked if the settings are something I’m happy with. This reset thing is new to me, so purposely saving the prefs folder for this seems like a better plan. Good idea, thanx! :sunglasses: