Today my MR 816 csx is dead?

Today when I turn on my Daw my MR start to run around the leds on the front panel… end never stops!!! My PC don’t see the MR!!! I try to disinstall and reinstall the driver but nothing changed…
So I try to install the MR on another pc but the problem remain the same… The leds on the front panel run around end never stops…

Any solutions?

Sorry for language …I’m italian…

Contact steinberg support and hope it’s under warranty.

This happened to me before. After trying to install the upgrade, the mr816 wouldnt sync with computer.

I fixed this by resetting the mr816 to factory settings.

  1. turn off mr816
  2. turn on while pushing in the volume knob and pad button at same time
  3. all the lamps will flash and will stop when the mr816 has been reset
  4. the manual says to never turn off power while the lamps are flashing because the internal memory is
    being written. wait till the lights stop flashing if you want to turn it off.

What dcspears said. Same thing happened to me, and same fix.

You’ll be fine after doing a reset to factory defaults.


Thanks… but yours solution isn’t good for me…

My MR is going to Steinberg center…

Yay, my solution is the best! I win, I win!!! :smiley:

Solved by Steinberg!
The problem was in the firewire controller now fixed.


Hi guys,
had the same problem.
Did a reset.
Works fine again.
Thank you so much.