Today's session with 7.5

All I can really say is that it made my life a lot easier today and here’s why:

Track versions: I was easily able to come up with alternate versions of song sections and takes on the fly and therefore saved a ton of time today!

GrooveAgent SE: Round-Robin mode came in super handy when dropping samples in on an acoustic kit(stellar) and saved me more time!

New Multi-out instrument tracks: For the first time in Cubase I was able to load up superior drummer with 16 outs and my own processing on each channel; export selected tracks as an archive and open them up in the next song with everything right and ready to go… Saved about 30 minutes because of this.

Project track visibility toggling: It speaks for itself and again, helped me navigate my 80+ track sessions much more efficiently.

I work with a lot of metal and “over-produced” rock bands and I can say that these additions have helped me out immensely today and I didn’t have one moment of instability. Thank you Steinberg! Also, I must note that I am the furthest from a fanboy as there are still things that are driving me absolutely up the wall which I’ve discussed around these parts (much like most of you guys and gals). I have a few major albums out there and have a heavy workload with a constant flow of bands and I can say that these updates are major!!! I’ll get my fire-retardant suit and prepare to get flamed now.

I guess I’ll have to eat my own words as far as stability goes; it’s doing the crash dump shuffle now.

Can you expand on this?


i’ve had a couple of crashes this week on big sessions… we’re talking 8-9 NI Massive, 4 kontatks, 8 outs each 3 audio tracks’ish

although i was able to press ‘OK’ save as an -01 and reload 7.5 and continue working…so nothing lost.

Right now it’s only crashing when I’m either adding or removing a new track.

thanks for these posts. I have the update, but will install on my home laptop for testing over xmas holiday. too risky for me to change studio setup with lots of paying projects on the go. but good to hear that the new features are worthwhile.ed