Todd Is Free

This song is a couple years old, and used to be in the set list of the band. I’ve added a new section in the middle, and rebuilt it from the ground up. I played guitars and bass. The rest is midi. Trying to complete the collection I’m putting together. Comments and suggestions are very welcome.

Can be found here at top of the list:

yay, more of your stuff to groove to. like the wavering tails of the passages, are you using the whammy bar to do that or finger stretching, really a nice style. dig the cascading atmospheric section too, surprised me to hear some sampled talked or whatever it was, it added something. great sounding stabs in there, love the tone. the organ worked for the balance of the song, was wondering if it could be improved somehow in the opening section. enjoyed the overall tone and guitar playing, although I also wondered if a change of tone would work somewhere for a section, maybe maybe not. I’ll listen again later.
great track early

Another good one, Early! I like the mellow, almost reggae-like groove. Cool mix of styles. The layered repeating type guitar part around 2 1/2 min is really nice. You get some great tones going on - sweet but with just the right amount of snarl and bite. Is that a Strat? I need to get a guitar with a w@nker bar (I guess that word is frowned upon. It came up as a blank bar :unamused: ). Haven’t had one since I sold my Strat about 15 years ago.

Thanks for sharing. I love listening to your tunes.

Yes. Excellent. I really like listening to your songs Early.
Great work.

Hey guys, thanks for giving it a listen.
To Bob: I’m using a gentle whammy combined with a delay to give it that wavering. This is one the band played for a while, and I think in real life I use more whammy, but combined with the delay, it did what I wanted it to. Plus I didn’t want to retrack it! Are you saying the organ is too boring in the beginning? It’s trying to be the rhythm guitar reggae style… guess I’ll think about that. I probably could separate the first guitar sound from the lead guitar sound too - thanks for the good suggestion.
The voice is actually Todd. Used to be the drummer of the band. Picked his voice up on the overheads, and pulled these clips from rehearsal recordings. He, uh, went to his great reward a couple of years ago.
To Scott: you called it, it’s my old Strat with the whammy bar. Funny that I rarely use it if I’m playing with the band, but it’s on probably half my recordings.
To J.L.: appreciate the kind words.

Hey Early,

This is great. I think I’ve heard an earlier version before - either through you bringing it to the forum before, or through me listening to your tunes on Soundclick. It’s a great tune, lovely reggae progression and great guitar. Sounds extremely polished - you’ve really got those drums down.

Loved it.


Thanks for listening, Steve! You did hear an earlier version which I put on Soundclick about 3 years ago; meant to mention that.

thats a really nice touch on the bar with some echo, any more might have been too much. it has a very cool chorusey tail I dig. forgot to mention how good the drum track is here, excellent, with the organ the reggae vibe worked a treat. the organ is fine, it might be the abrupt chord changes at the start, unlike piano I like to let one finger kinda drag into the next chord with the organ. no worries, great tune mate.

Great work, Early!

Bought some new cans a few weeks ago, still getting used to them, but what I’m hearing
sounds spot on. Great tone and depth!! :wink:


Thanks for clarifying, Bob. Good ideas, will play with it.

Thanks, Sav, just trying to apply some of the ideas you gave me!

Sorry I missed this post earlier in the week.

Very tasty track indeed, restrained but rich at the same time.
Nice tones, whammy, stops and good use of the delay.
I liked the sideways break that comes in 2/3 in, a nice bit
of variety. Drums and bass just right.

At times I felt the guitar was a bit too proud in the mix,
but I’m listening at low levels and I could be wrong completely.

Excellent music (again). :wink:

Nice laid back feel…a pleasure to listen to, I agree with pearldivers re the guitar, just a bit to “up” and to my ears slightly boxy…but…hey, what do I know…cheers, Kevin

hi early,

you are a fantastic guitarist, others commented on the guitar being a bit loud, i presume i will be in the minority when i disagree, what you were playing was at the forefront without dominating the rest of the song, your guitar is only being heard the way it should, maybe thats just the guitarist coming out in me but hey…

Thank you Jet, for giving it a listen. Appreciate the comments. I’m thinking you’re listening to the guitar solo coming in, a bit too loud. I think I tend to do that! It needs to be just above the point where it would be too quiet! Will work on that. Again, thanks for listening!

Kevin, thanks for your thoughts as well. When you say “boxy”, you mean too much lower midrange, or are you talking about the reverb maybe?

Hornyscotsman, I can see you think about guitars same way I do… can’t be too loud! Appreciate your feedback!

Hi…just talking about the midrange area…(roundabout 200Hz) just seems a bit thick to me, but like I said…what do I know …Kevin

Really great sounding track, surfing. So open and so easy to listen too, gtr playing is again monstrous. Love the vocal stuff, I actually like where the gtr sits after all whose song is it? You should be our face and the mids give it a really fine unique sound. Someone with better ears than me may hear stuff with this, but the composition is kicking and its so refreshing to listen to music that doesn’t have the kitchen sink filled to the brim.
Thanks for sharing!

Kenny, thanks for listening, and for the comments. I was definitely trying to get a surfing music sound in there. It’s hard for me to maintain perspective on the guitar loudness (or whether guitar solo is too long!), so your thoughts help here as well.