Todd Terje shoves Cubase for Mac under the bus

Quote from Todd Terje in studio tour article:

"Right now I’m in a transitional phase - I’m thinking of switching to Logic. At the beginning, Cubase was a very easy way to get into music production, instead of FruityLoops or Acid, or whatever was available, and I thought Cubase was going to be as smooth on Mac as PC, but the program quits unexpectedly at least five times per day, which makes me want to throw it out the window.”

I concur 100%. I loved Cubase on PC, but it’s unstable on Mac and I’ve lost work on several occasions due to unexpected crashes. This is 2014 and software should not be crashing, freezing and hanging up on state of the art MacBook Pro with 16GB of RAM. I’m about to jump ship for Logic also unless Mac Cubase stabilizes.

-18 year loyal Steinberg customer

Cubase for Mac is very stable, but there are things which will render it unstable. High up on the list of these is 3rd party plugins. The only thing that ever causes C7.5 to crash on my Mac is Autotune 7.

As a start try removing all 3rd party plugs, then put them back and see when the problem returns.

Trashing prefs, and/or a fresh install often helps, as does a clean and lean install of OSX.

Do a search here, there is lots of advice for instability problems on both platforms.

Just because another user reports instability, doesn’t mean the whole thing is unusable.

Post your system specs, you are more likely to get helpful advice.

In my estimation the quote mainly shows he (Todd Terje) doesn’t like to troubleshoot.

Aloha guys, just to chime in.

Since starting in 1997 we have raised a couple of daughters (college and univ)
using Cubase as a main income source.

Seems to be working just fine.

Hope you get it sorted and Good Luck!

Maybe he should stop using Mac then. :unamused:


Perhaps Steinberg has a primary business model … to continually milk money off it’s loyal long time users, when they should really be concentrating on stability above all things :bulb:

Maybe stability is not profitable … Quantity over quality :question:

On the other hand, I traditionally don’t have many problems that can be directly blamed on Cubase. I’m not a power user, nor need all the bells & whistles features that can muck up my smitz…maybe THAT’s the problem for many :bulb: As a basic midi & audio recorder it’s stable on a PC. For this reason, I have no real need to be conned into upgrading to any future Cubase versions.

The premise that Cubase is not stable on Macs is simply incorrect, and to have a discussion based on it is absurd.

To be fair, I bet many of stability issues people complain about aren’t actually the fault of Cubase …not every time anyway. But to claim having a simple & civil discussion about the concerns of stability is absurd? Isn’t this a little like like saying “eat your peas & carrot’s and like it, don’t talk back and put a smile on your face” ?

That’s not what I said. The absudity is having a discussion based on a false premise, not the subject of the discussion.

Cubase is NOT stable on SOME Macs. It has always been so. I tried and tried on several progressively more powerful Mac systems over the span of six years (all met or exceeded recommended specs), but there were always problems. Migrating to Cubase on PC has been a huge improvement in power and stability. That’s my experience, and it’s bona fide.

“Cubase is not stable on Macs” ≠ “Cubase is not stable on some Macs”

Not being a Mac user, I’ll just play the devils advocate …

What false premise of discussion are you referring to? I took this discussion as being about ‘legitimate’ issues of stability.

Which Macs work with Cubase, and which do not? I wasn’t aware Cubase only designed and intended to work on some Macs

I remember in the old days when I 1st got into Cubase, when VST 5 was still king … people complained about stability, then SX 1, 2 & 3 came …stability complaints…Cubase 4, 5, 5 & 7 …still complaints…Mac, PC users alike. Aside from non-legitimate stability complaints, user error etc … I bet if Steinberg stopped trying to get people to upgrade so much as their primary concern, and take care of the actual ‘legitimate’ stability issues, and catch up with all the computer hardware/OS software changes (that Steinberg has placed the blame on, and away from themselves), Cubase as a whole would be more stable for those with ‘legitimate’ stability issues. But you can bet that will not happen.

I understand about the ever changing world of computers, and the need to develop the software to run it on…which bring challenges naturally… but to leave the previous version in the dust, and tell people to buy the ‘next’ version? That’s not fair way of doing business in my book. Maybe in the software world they can get away with that, but how would you like to buy a lemon car every couple of years, and there were mechanical defects…instead of making a RECALL for the defects, they tell you to buy ‘this years model’ and promise it’ll be free of defects, as well as claim their cars only like certain roads.

I never have used, nor intend to use a Mac… and now especially thanks to Todd Terje I will never use a Mac with Cubase …Thanks Todd! :smiley:

I took a long hiatus from the 'music machine" prior to returning about 8 years ago. Prior to that break, I was a staunch Mac user and for anything creative, I would recommend Mac over PC in a hearbeat. When I was in the Mac world of old, I was a MOTU performer user for many years, it was rock solid… but since coming back, I switched to Cubase, which has worked so well for me on the PC (it was more affordable to get back in with that platform), that it made me eat all the old complaints I had about the PC platform when I was a Mac “snob” (and I am not suggesting that anyone HERE is one of those :smiley: ).

I agree, after reading so many posts over the years here, and no matter which platform, there are always going to be issues with the application’s stability, based on how many different ways you can configure each of them. I also agree that the chap in the article did not take (apparently) the time to troubleshoot, more fool him. You have to ask yourself, which is more important, the program you make music with, or the computer it runs on. If its a cross-platform app, like Cubase, it should be a no-brainer for him. He’s suspiciously a MacSob in my humble opinion.

Long live both platforms. :sunglasses:

SYNC, I was responding to the OP.

Nicely put, and I agree.

and if possible, even more platforms.

Applications quitting unexpectedly happens with iphone 5, safari and most apple applications including imovie, iTunes. It has happened to me 1 or 2 times a year. Looks like an Apple thing.

Also after upgrading my system to SSD I had no flash utility app, as soon as I installed Flash I noticed Cubase and other applications started crashing/quitting unexpectedlly. I guess Steve Job was correct when he said the number one reason most Mac crash is because of Flash.

As soon as I uninstalled it everything was stable again. My advice for those that are experiencing Cubase quitting unexpectedly try uninstalling Flash.

Seems to work fine here. Clients are happy. Cheques all clear.

That being said, the system is very lean and sparse.

Innertoobs/Flash/Microsoft/Adobe/Google/E-mail/Web browser/Games/iPhone/Pad/Pictures/Movies etc stuff

Just the OS/Cubase and 3rd party plugs/drivers/tools.

Good luck!

I’ve never had a single problem with Cubase bar annoying CPU spikes in the first release of C7. Completely smooth sailing. In fact, I have way more problems with Logic X in terms of crashing and freezing. I’m running on a 2012 MBP so I would assume that it should run even better on, say, a Mac Pro.

Cubase has never crash/quit unexpectedly during a session/recording or mixing. Only when I had many songs/projects open and working on several, copying stuff/ switching between projects was the only times I had experienced that issue with C 7. C 7.5 is very stable. :smiley:

did you see the part where he just got a new set of monitors? What a maroon! and he started crying because he could finally hear for the first time!