Toggle a track between stereo or mono

As Logic X has…


This would be great to have in Cubase. Major workflow improvement!

How the hell do you imagine this? Can you describe?
It’s totally different types of files.
You can make track mono by changing you PAN type and move both sides from L and R to C & C. And so you got “mono”.
You can convert stereo to mono by duplicating L to R or R to L in Process drop down.

I bet Logic fooling people. You can not multiply numbers and letters. You are asking the same.

Hi soundpeaks_net. Logic is not fooling the people. It is very simple to understand, just try to get it:

In Cubase you can either put a mono file in a stereo track, or put a stereo file in a mono track.
Sonik is asking for a toggle button that allows us to make a L/R or L+R configuraion on any track.

If we wanted to use any stereo plugin to process a mono file - like MonoToStereo - we would toggle such mono/stereo configuration, instead adding a stereo track and moving all the events from the mono track to it.

It’s a basic feature I want too, and we shouldn’t pay another update to have it, honestly… +1

It’s just not the way a mixing console are working.
Never fell into this issue.
Just another toggle button in overcomplicated GUI.

Keep an open mind and respect the requests of the community, it’s not an issue at all.
This is just a function that you could ignore if you didn’t want to use it, so don’t be hidebound.

BTW, if you find the GUI overcomplicated, just use the Track Control Settings to hide the buttons you don’t need. If this feature is added in a future, you can hide it too and nothing will change for you.


+1. I would especially appreciate being able to have a mono instrument track for synths.



Cubase 10?


Also, toggle between mono and stereo inserts.