Toggle automation with single key

Is there a way to toggle automation on/off with just one button say “A”. I know I have separate toggle for each at the moment. This can easily be done in Ableton just by toggling the A key too.


I’m not with Cubase now, so just from top of my head…

Yes, you can do so. In the Project and MixConsole window, there is a panel in the Toolbar worth the S, M, R, W buttons to change the all X button state. This is the command you are searching for. Just assign a Key Comnand.

I think it’s: Read Automation for All Tracks On/Off command Alt/Opt + R by default.

If I understand you correctly, the nearest you could get might be assigning ‘A’ to ‘Show Used Automation (Selected Tracks)’ and ‘Shift + A’ to ‘Hide Automation’ in Key Commands. Unfortunately, AFAIK there is no toggle action key command for this.

(I was assuming the OP wants to show/hide the automation tracks).


I see… Do you want to show/hide the automation tracks, or do you want to switch On/Off the Automation Read?

thanks…im just looking to show/hide the automation lanes with a just a toggle…i do it now with “A” and option+A