Toggle beween Marquee and Hand Tool

option-H works to Toggle between Marquee and Hand Tool in Write mode but not in Engrave mode on my Mac. What am I doing wrong?

Perhaps someone could verify that option-H does toggle between Marquee and Hand Tool in Engrave mode on their Mac? Then I would know that there is something wrong on my Mac.
Thank you.

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Same for me in 4.3. But you can also Shift-drag to use whichever is the other tool.

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It doesn’t work for me, though I have removed the key shortcut for that command.

I’m surprised there’s a difference between Engrave mode and Write mode for that command. Perhaps some other command uses the keys in one of those modes?

Maybe check your keycommands file to see if anything is using that sequence?

To be honest, I’ve never used the Hand tool in any application for over a decade. I just scroll and zoom with the mouse/trackpad.

I can confirm on both Dorico 4 & 5 on my M2 Mac mini.

Ah: A quick check of Dorico’s factory keycommands file shows that Alt H is used as a keyboard “nudge left” in Engrave mode.

(There are similar keys for nudging up, down and right, mirroring longstanding computing ‘key cursors’.)

You’ll need to assign the command to the Toggle, which will deactivate the existing function.

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I’ve just checked, and here’s how it work: if I do nothing, and drag and drop (be it in Write or Engrave mode), I create a marquee selection. If I press shift-H and maintain it, when I drag and drop, it moves my page (hand tool).
Alt-H works for me exactly as for you (so only in Write mode), I thought you’d be more interested by that shift-H behavior as it works consistently and is not a toggle, so no matter what, you know how the software is going to respond without checking first on a panel to see where’s the toggle stopped at.

Thanks so much, Ben. Then the Dorico Key Commands chart seems to be incorrect, because Alt-H is listed under Global commands for Toggling between Marquee and Hand Tool. Perhaps the problem arose because in some places online it says that H is the toggle key command, which must have been changed to Alt-H. In any case, the documentation should be corrected.

I toggle a lot by means of an assigned button on my mouse, so I will reassign the key command.

And thank you Mark_Johnson, Craig_F and MarcLarcher for confirming and commenting.

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Indeed H was changed to Alt-H with 4.0, to make room for new commands for the key editor. If you’re seeing H, check the version of the docs you’re looking at.

What key commands chart are you referring to? Help > Key Commands, as you may know, creates a local webpage with your current shortcuts organized by category, including any custom shortcuts.

I haven’t modified key commands, so wouldn’t Help>Dorico Key Commands be the default set? On page 39 of the current manual: “Selection tools…TIP ● You can press Alt/Opt-H to switch between selection tools…” There is nothing about this Key command being limited to Write mode.

FWIW, this is how I work as well. Rather than toggle, I just add shift when I want to use the Hand tool.

I’m using the hand grabber within different windows and applications at the same time, so it works best for me to have one mouse button assigned to that function (by means of Steermouse).

Sorry about this, Ben, but for the life of me I can’t find

Move Item Graphically
( Left, Amount: A Little, Alternate Nudge Mode: true )

in the list of Key Commands. Nothing comes up when I put that or any part of it in the Key Command Search field nor has a laborious search through all the categories yielded anything. Were you able to find it there?

No, I can’t find it in the dialog, but if you reassign Option H to something else, then that should fix it.

Thanks for looking. Very strange. I will reassign Toggle to some unused Keyboard Command or the Keyboard Command of some other function that I don’t use and I can find in the list of Key Commands.